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Silent Auctions

Some of the more interesting and unusual donated items find their way to the Silent Auction section of the Impact Good Stuff Thrift Store in Fairless Hills. Artwork, books, collections, clothing, accessories, and furniture are just some of the items you might find. These items are not always “antique” or “collectible” but are always unique, interesting and nostalgic. Some may have a greater value, others are simply unusual. Stop by often, as items are added almost daily.

When possible, we will do a little research into the item if it is signed, if it has a label, or some kind of obvious identification or back story. The items are not authenticated but put out for bid in our Silent Auction “as is”. The market value of each item is determined by you, the bidding public. We simply set the opening bid and bidding intervals and invite you to place your bids! Bidding continues until seven days without a new bid, at which point the highest bidder is awarded the item.

Silent Auction Rules:

Good Stuff THRIFT’S silent auction is not an “antique” or “collectables” auction. Items are selected and showcased because they may appear to be unique, interesting, or nostalgic. NEITHER Good Stuff THRIFT STORES, NOR ITS AGENTS OR STAFF, MAKE ANY CLAIMS AS TO THE DISPLAYED ITEM’S AGE, VALUE, OR AUTHENTICITY. The market value of any auctioned item is determined by the bidding public. All items are sold as is.

  1. To obtain a bidder number and participate in the auction you must come in person to one of our stores. Bidding is not permitted via telephone or electronically.
  2. A bidder number may be obtained at any one of our store locations. Any cashier can help you obtain a bidder number. You must be 18 or older in order to obtain a bidder number.
  3. A bidder number does not expire, and is good for all current and future auctions but you must register at each Good Stuff Thrift store for a bidder number for that particular store.
  4. Each bid item will specify the increments by which a bidder must raise the bid. Failure to raise the bid by the specified increment will invalidate that bid.
  5. You may bid on as many items as you like. You may not cancel a bid once it is submitted. Please seriously consider your bid before placing it.
  6. After seven (7) days of inactivity on an item, the highest bidder will be declared the winner and will be contacted
    1. If we are unable to make contact with the winning bidder within three (3) days or the winner has not come in to purchase the item within seven (7) days of initial contact, the next highest bidder will be contacted and declared the winner.
  7. Neither phone bids nor “checking” the status by phone of an item will be allowed.
  8. Neither phone bids nor “checking” the status by phone of an item will be allowed.
    Out-of-state bidders must find and utilize a local agent or representative to place bids on their behalf.
  9. If winning bidder reneges on purchasing an item he/she has won, that bidder may by banned by store management from future participation.
  10. If a bid is deemed a “bogus” bid by an Good Stuff Thrift manager, that bid will not be honored. At that point, bidding will resume and will continue for a minimum of 7 operating business days.
  11. Good Stuff Thrift store management is the final authority in the enforcement and interpretations of the above silent auction rules.

*Store discounts and coupons may not be applied to auction items.

**Photos above are not current Silent Auction Items, but are representative of the types of items you might find on Silent Auction in any Good Stuff Thrift Store.

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