Good Stuff is Growing

Good Stuff is Growing

There is so much room for growth this year at Good Stuff Thrift. If you haven’t already noticed, there have been some pretty big changes happening at our Doylestown location. We are excited for all these improvements and hope that you love our new look just as much as we do! Our goal is to create more space to sell more of the amazing treasures we receive on a daily basis. Plus, who doesn’t like to shake things up a bit? We would love for you to come check it out!  

One of the biggest changes that we are excited to announce is that our Doylestown store is getting two new dressing rooms! In addition to the dressing rooms located downstairs in the women’s section, there will now be two additional changing rooms upstairs as well! They are not totally finished yet, but we can’t wait until you see them!

Attention all book-lovers! We are happy to announce that all books have been moved upstairs to the shelves where men’s shoes used to be. There is so much more space to browse and more than enough shelf space to hold all your favorite authors. We are still in the process of filling the shelves, so be sure to check it out!

Don’t worry, we didn’t get rid of men’s shoes! They have been moved back into the men’s department. You will notice another display in the men’s department for clothing and shoes as well, so there are plenty of options to choose from. You are sure to find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

We have many new displays on the floor, so you should definitely stop by and see the changes for yourselves! There is more to come, so we appreciate your patience as we transform the Doylestown space. Here are a couple pictures of some of the displays we’ve added.

Charity of the Month

The Baby Bureau is a “nonprofit organization dedicated to providing ‘Baby Bundles’ of clothing, and other items, to underserved babies in our community. The Baby Bundles are distributed by community social service providers that determine the need.  [They] are located in Warminster, Pennsylvania and serve babies in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

Baby Bundles are created and filled with love and contain approximately 38 seasonally appropriate outfits taking them from 0 to 2T.  A Baby Bundle includes onesies, sleepers, socks, a hat, blankets, bibs, shoes/booties, new rattle, and new baby board book. 

Founder, Fran Wasserman, started The Baby Bureau in her home in 2011.  She recognized an unmet need in the community for underserved and at-risk babies. What started as a small stack of donated clothing soon turned into many stacks of clothing.  Through Fran’s determination, she was able to secure a larger space at the Warminster Campus of Abington Hospital in late 2012. The new location allows for a larger volunteer space that continues to grow.

[They] started with a partnership of one health department and one local hospital in 2012 and that has grown to a network of over 40 health and human services providers who proudly distributed [their] Baby Bundles to families in need. [Their] diverse volunteer staff includes workforce development for local high school students with special needs, participants in the National Honor Society, and community members. [They] also have adults with special needs who volunteer at The Baby Bureau on a weekly basis. They are so thankful for all the amazing volunteers that help make their mission possible.

Executive Director, Laurieann Tebben, says “Many of the items that are included in their bundles are made possible because of the kindness of Good Stuff Thrift! Thank you so much for all you do for us!”

Gift Card Bingo is coming soon, so mark your calendars for this upcoming event! 

Friday, April 5th will be a great day for #dressingthebabies! Reserve your seat today 

By emailing [email protected]

Great prizes are ready for the winners thanks to Target, Turning Point, Harvest, Wegmans, Weis, Acme and more!!! To learn more, please visit

Employee Spotlight

Martha Stoler

Introducing Martha Stoler, otherwise known as Marty from our Doylestown store! Marty is not only a rockstar at the register, but she happens to possess many hidden talents. Marty is our go to gal when something is broken. Marty always seems to find a way to either put it back together or better yet, patch things up in a way that makes it look better than before. She gives pillows, clothing, and many other fabrics a second chance on the floor if all they need is a quick stitch! 

Marty was a special ed teacher for 25 years.  While teaching, she got to pursue many creative endeavors including sewing, painting, collaging, and making bulletin boards for her classroom. Most importantly,

Marty shared all these passions with students encouraging them to think outside of the box on a variety of school projects!

One of Marty’s projects we would like to share with you is her ability to use recycled fabrics such as ripped, stained, or shrunken articles of clothing from Good Stuff Thrift and transform them into something even better. Marty creates the cutest little characters from these recycled fabrics. Check it out! On the left, meet Party Guy and Coco! Here are their friends!

We Love Our Volunteers!

Meet Brandon everyone! 

Brandon works hard every day at school and is always looking for ways to be the best student. Each morning, Brandon signs out a key so that he can navigate the building independently to help his friends and teachers. He successfully completes most tasks without instruction. One of his many goals is improving his interaction with people he encounters throughout the building. To help him with this, he role plays interactions with instructors in the classroom. 

His goal is that people perceive him as a happy, helpful person through his body language and interactions. To motivate himself, when Brandon meets his goal, he goes out to lunch on Friday with a few of his peers!

Brandon is also learning to use social media and he recently expressed an interest in connecting with other people, like previous CLC students, teachers, and his brother using social media. Brandon first learned the basics of how to use Instagram. Next, he learned about posting relevant pictures as well as how to remain safe on the internet. After learning to successfully navigate Instagram, he is now learning about safe and proper use of Facebook. Stay on the lookout for a friend request from Brandon!

In addtion to his hard work at school, Brandon volunteers at four different job locations throughout the week and excels at the work he does! Brandon takes full responsibility for preparing for each outing by gathering all his needed items, going to the lobby, and sending a text message to his instructor to let her know he is ready to go! Currently, Brandon volunteers at Good Stuff Thrift, Monkey’s Uncle, Helping Friendly Farm, and Warminster Habitat ReStore. Many of his volunteer supervisors comment on how valuable he is to their community and how much they appreciate his hard work!

Thank you Brandon!

Christ's Home Donation Drive

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Christ’s Home at their annual Spring Drive on Friday, March 22nd! They were able to fill over a dozen pallets of goods which went to help those in need at Good Stuff Thrift! Here are some pictures from the drive!

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